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Global Hope & Jacob Schenk - Bundeschampion of the 3-year-old stallions

Dear breeders, despite the many challenges we all faced, we look back on the breeding and sporting year 2023 with pride and gratitude! One of the highlights was certainly the new arrival Global Hope, who not only won the title of Hanoverianchampion, but also the titel of Bundeschampion of 3-year-old stallions. We were once again particularly impressed by our high-flyers Escaneno and St. Emilion, who not only shone with outstanding performances in their sport tests (Escaneno won in Münster-Handorf) and at the show (St. Emilion became Oldenburg Vice-Champion in Rastede), but also presented absolu tely convincing and high-priced offspring. The show jumping stallions once again exceeded all expectations: Karajan achieved several placings up to 1.55 m in Samorin and Stuttgart under Marco Kutscher and has thus firmly established himself in the show jumping sport. He also set an exclamation mark as a sire - 6 offspring from his first crop qualified for the Bundeschampionat for 5-year-olds. Emperor proved his top class several times this season with great rounds, especially at the Bundeschampionat. We are doing everything we can to build on these successes in 2024 in order to continue to impress you with our stallions in terms of sport and breeding. We will be happy to work with you in the 2024 breeding season. Quality and continuity in consulting and marketing! We strive to live up to this high standard!

St. Emilion OLD & Hannah Laser Oldenburger Vice-Champion 2023

stallion show 2024: Sunday, January 28 th - 02:00 pm Klosterhof Medingen

B orsalino - a glorious champion stallion !

A champion from top to toe. Borsalino inspires in all aspects. Type, charisma, interior, quality of movements. A large stallion with a good foundation and outstanding basic gaits, coming from strong hindquarters with high elasticity and always in rhythm. In 2015 , Borsalino finished his 30-day stallion performance test in Neustadt/Dosse. With 8.51 points, Borsalino received the best final score of the dressage stallions. In 2016 , Borsalino shone at the sports test in Schlieckau with the following marks: Trott: 9.0, gallop 9.5, walk 8.5, rideability 8.7, overall impression 8.8 and final score 8.89. At the Klosterhof auction ten auctioned foals achieved an average price of 29,200 €. In 2017 , Borsalino finished his sports horse test with the final score of 8.87 and 9.5 points for rideability. In 2018 , two of his sons from his first year were licensed. Seven foals were sold at the autumnal auction for an average price of 28,600 €. In 2019 , Barcelona by Borsalino-Danone I-Friendship (breeder: Michael Schenk, Römsted) became vice championesse at the German National Young Horse Championships in Warendorf. Bellissima (Borsalino-Distelzar-De Niro) and Bond Girl (Borsalino-De Niro-Weltmeyer) were awarded premium at the Herward-von-der-Decken Show and were sold for top prices at the auction in Medingen. At the licensing in Verden and Vechta, two of his sons were licensed. In 2020 , his son Balmain by Borsalino-His Highness was licensed in Schlieckau after finishing his 14-day test. At the auction in Medingen, Boots for Walking by Borsalino-Quattro (breeder: Dr. Joachim Timmermann) was sold for 285,000 €. In 2022 , Borsalino‘s daughter Bond Girl won several medium (M) level dressage competitions and qualified for the Bundeschampionat for 6-year-old dressage horses under Emma Kanerva. Also qualified for the Bundeschampionat were Barcelona by Borsalino-Danone under Jakob Schenk, Brixton by Borsalino-His Highness under Katja Thomsen, Belle Amie by Borsalino-Weltmeyer under Corinna May and Borsalino‘s Fairytale by Borsalino-Fürstenball under Nina Verina Braun. In 2023, Bond Girl qualifies for the final of the Nürnberger Burg Pokal under Emma Kanerva. Borsalino‘s Fairytale and Nina Verina Braun finish fifth in the Small Final of the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo.

Cocktail Charmante Flemmingh SPS Kebora Florestan I Watonga

v. Purioso v. Ulster v. Lacapo v. Purioso v. Fidelio v. Werther v. Coriolan v. Landadel


Westphalian , chestnut, *2012, 17.1 hands Licensed for Westphalia, Rhineland, Hanover, Oldenburg, DSP Breeder: Johann & Katja Schmid, Hallbergmoos Owner: Gestüt Fohlenhof & Klosterhof Medingen Stud fee: 1,300 € / Frozen 800 € (each add 7% VAT)




SPS Wildfee

Coriograf B SPS Wildgräfin

SPS Wildcandela

D amaschino FRH - quality that captivates !

With his athletic appearance, Damaschino captivates with type and looks, as well as with his large movements, his long legs emphasizing them further. Based on the line of influential Trakehner mare Donauquelle from the Klosterhof, Damaschino links all successful stallions of our station, namely the Grand Prix Champions Capri mond, Fidertanz and Danone. In 2019 , Damaschino became German National Young Horse Champion of the three year old stallions with an overall score of 9.3 points and 10 points for his schooling. He finished his 50-day stallion performance test in Schlieckau as champion, with an overall score for dressage emphasis of 9.35 points, 10 points for the overall impression and 9.75 points for his rideability. In 2020 , Damaschino became runner-up of the German National Young Horse Championships of the four year old stallions with an overall score of 9.4. He provided an outstanding first year of foals, fulfilling all expectations. At the auction he provided top auction foal Dreambay, who was sold for 70,000 Euros. All eight foals by Damaschino achieved an average price of 24,750 Euros. In 2021 , he placed 6th in the finals of the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses. Presented by Han nah Laser, he received the final mark of 9.1, his trot was given the highest mark of 10. In 2022 , Damaschino became Vice Hanoverian Dressage Horse Champion in Verden and qualified for the Bun deschampionat for 6-year-old dressage horses. In Verden a young stallion out of a Sir Donnerhall dam was licensed (breeder: Tim Philipp Reer). Damaschino was awarded the titel FRH by The Hanoverian Association. At the auction in Medingen, his daughter Dalmatina (breeder: Silvia Zeyn) won with 36,000 Euros the bid as the most expensive filly. In 2023, his son Davidoff out of a dam by Fürsten-Look (breeder: Helmar Bescht) receives the licence predicate.

v. Donnerwetter v. Akzent II v. World Cup I v. Bolero

Donnerhall Alicante Weltmeyer SPS Bellis

De Niro

Hanoverian , chestnut, *2016, 17.0 hands Licensed for Hanover, Oldenburg, Rhineland, Westphalia, DSP Breeder: Klosterhof Medingen, 29549 Bad Bevensen Stud fee: 1,300 € / Frozen 700 € (each add 7% VAT)


SPS Well Done

EH Caprimond ES Donauquelle vom Klosterhof Fidermark I I SPS Reine Freude

v. Florestan I v. Ravallo


Feine Dame

v. Karon v. Morgenglanz

PS/ES Donaumärchen vom Klosterhof

D ameron - premium stallion in modern style !

With our homebred premium stallion Dameron, a highly interesting Trakehner stallion resides at the Klosterhof. With his amazing self carriage and extraordinary stamp, this son of Helium captivates with dreamlike trot mechanics. On his mothers side, Dameron is half brother to Marbach‘s stallion Donauabend, who is successful in medium level jumping competitions. His mother Donaublüte was champion mare of Lower Saxony-Hanover in 2009. In the same year she was awarded best half blood mare at the Trakehner Hengstmarkt.

Grandmother Donaumärchen is full sister to Damaschino‘s grandmother, both mares belong to German‘s National Horse Champion Family in 1994. The same family produced the stallions Donautanz, Donaugold, Donaumonarch and Donauprints. Dameron combines this exclusive dam line with the outstanding stallion of this years Trakehner Hengstmarkt, Helium, who himself combines Millenium and Induc, two first class bloodlines of modern Trakehner breeding. In 2022 , Dameron was placed in young horse classes.

v. EH Gribaldi v. EH Ravel v. EH Marduc v. Arsenal

EH Easy Game PS Merle Induc Henna

EH Millennium

Trakehner , dark brown, *2018, 16.3 hands Licensed for Trakehner Breeder: Klosterhof Medingen Stud fee: 900 € / Frozen 500 € (each add 7% VAT)



EH Caprimond ES Donauquelle vom Klosterhof Welsh Pageant xx Square Note xx

v. Karon v. Morgenglanz v. Tudor Melody xx v. High Top xx

Lauries Crusador xx

PS Donaublüte

PS/ES Donaumärchen vom Klosterhof

E scaneno - sporty elegance !

Escaneno was the radiant premium stallion of the Westphalian licensing. A very noble type, with great perspective in sports as well as an impressive pedigree: Escaneno is everything we expect from a stallion. In 2021, his father Escamillo fulfilled all expectations by becoming Vice World Champion of the six year old dressage horses. He was awarded premium at his licensing in Verden in 2017. This year he produced seven licensed sons. Mother of Escamillo is state premium mare Cassila, daughter of Rohdiamant and out of the famous German dam line of Cinderella from stud Wendeln. Many licensed stallions, state premium mares and successful sports horses stem from this dam line. Among other Cathy OLD, who was German National Champion of four year old mares in 2018. Cassila‘s mother Chantal (by De Niro) is mother of licensed stallions Romanist and Merogonie. His mother‘s father Veneno qualified for the final of the German National Young Horse Championships in 2015. He is successful with rider Kristy Oatly in competitions up to S*** level. The further dam line is the direct line of the Hanoverian stallion of 2021, Fidertanz. Fidertanz stems from the Hanoverian line 182/Astfläche respectively Jucking. The dam line produced the licensed stallions Couleur Noire (privately owned, Westphalia), Faveur (state stud Warendorf), Graditz (state stud Dillenburg), Graphitan (privately owned, Hanover, NED), Latent (privately owned, Hanover), Lenbach Go on (privately owned, Hanover), Rastellani (privately owned, Hesse), Remoir (privately owned, Westphalia), Royal Highness (privately owned, Hanover) as well as Taloubet Z /Christian Ahlmann and the internationally successful show jumper Filou le Rouge/Jörg Kreutzmann. Escaneno‘s mother, the premium mare Vaiana, belongs, togther with two half-sisters to the winning family of the „Reine Freude“ at the Herwart von der Decken-Show in 2021. In 2022 , Escaneno finished his short performance test with a weighted final score of 9.03. He received individual scores of 9.0 for trot, 8.5 for canter, 8.3 for walk, 9.8 for rideability and 9.5 for attitude and willingness to perform. In 2023, Escaneno passes his sport test in Münster-Handorf as the best test with a 9.5 for rideability and 9.09 as a weighted final score. His first year of foals impresses with strong type and movement. At the auction in Westphalia, an Escaneno pinto-filly out of a Zoom dam (bred by Josef Volle, Lüdinghausen) was knocked down for 55,000 Euros.

v. Ehrentusch v. Fürst Piccolo v. Rubinstein I v. De Niro v. Vivaldi v. Diamond Hit

Estobar NRW SPS Farah Dina L Rohdiamant Chantal Vitalis SPS Diamond Lady Ravallo SPS Frühlingssonne


Hanoverian , bay, *2019, 16.3 hands Licensed for Westphalia, Hanover, Oldenburg, DSP Breeder: Tobias Schult, Hünxe Owner: Hengststation Schult & Klosterhof Medingen Stud fee: 1,200 € / Frozen 650 € (each add 7% VAT)


PS Cassila


PS Vaiana

v. Raphael v. Frühlingstraum II

SPS Reine Freude

G lobal H ope - with beat and harmony !

With Global Hope, we present a typey, powerful son of Global Player, who excelled at the Westphalian main licensing with three first-class basic gaits and excellent conformation. Sire Global Player was the outstanding champion stallion at the 2019 licensing in both Oldenburg and Denmark. After winning the 2020 Bundeschampionat, Global Player impressed as World Champion for 6-year-old dressage horses in Ermelo in 2022. Through his sire Grand Galaxy Win T and his dam, the Don Schufro daughter Chatel‘s Schurana, as well as the half-breed Rawage Quintus (by Age xx) in the third generation and the Trakehner Donauwind in the fourth generation, the noblest performance lines are combined in his pedigree. His sire Grand Galaxy Win T was the Danish Champion Stallion in 2014, Danish Vice Dressage Horse Champion in 2015 and placed as a finalist at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses (5-year-olds) in 2016. He is promoted up to advanced level. Several sons have been licensed, including the second reserve winner of the Oldenburg licensing days, Galaxy. With Got it, Grand Galiano, Logos Gaya and Highfive Fuglsang, he produced Denmark‘s best young horses in their respective age groups in 2019 and 2020. The dam‘s sire Don Schufro, Danish champion under Andreas Helgstrand and team bronze medallist at the 2008 Olympic Games in Hong Kong, sired numerous successful horses, most notably the Olympic gold medal list, World Cup winner and European champion Weihegold OLD/Isabell Werth. From 2012 to 2017 and 2019, he was among the top ten dressage sires in the world according to the WBFSH. The dam, St.Pr.St. Fräulein W, descended from the Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2021, Fidertanz, produced the prize winner of the Westphalian licensing in 2021 with the premium stallion Vogue by Vitalis, who was crowned the outstanding Bundeschampion among the 3-year-old stallions in Warendorf in 2022. The other dam line is the licensed stallion Bel Air by Belissimo, as well as the sport horses Sweet Diamond by Sandro Hit (PSG), Montelino by Monte Carlo I (advanced (S) level dressage) and Akito J by Attache (advanced (S) level show jumping). Monte Carlo I is also the sire of Hubertus Schmidt‘s My Fair Lady, with whom he won the Grand Prix Freestyle at the CHIO in Aachen in 2021. In 2023, Global Hope first becomes Hanoverianchampion under Jacob Schenk and in September becomes outstanding Bundeschampion among the 3-year-old stallions. He receives the highest score of 10 for trot and rideability, 9.5 for walk and canter and 8.5 for conformation.

Apache Winner T Don Schufro Chatel‘s Raqwina Fidermark SPS Reine Freude

v. UB 40 v. Jazz v. Donnerhall v. Rawage Quintus

Grand Galaxy Win T

Hanoverian , brown, *2020, 16.2 hands Licensed for Hanover, Westphalia, Oldenburg, DSP Breeder: ZG Werth, Stud fee: 1,000 € / Frozen 600 € ( each add 7% VAT)

Global Player

Chatel‘s Schurana

v. Florestan I v. Ravallo


SPS Fräulein W

Sandro Hit SPS Monterey

v. Sandro Song v. Monte Carlo I

PS Sandro‘s Daughter W

Q uantensprung - nomen est omen !

In the colour of Donnerhall, Quantensprung captivates at first sight with his large frame. This terrific stallion has great dynamics and expansive movements in every gait. In 2013 , Quantensprung finished his 30-day-test with 9.75 points for rideability in the test rider assessment, as well as highest marks for the basic gaits and the interior. In 2014 , his first year of foals convinced in every way. His daughter Que Sera was sold for 38,000 Euros at the auction in Medingen. Nine foals of Quantensprung yielded an average price of 17,000 Euros. In 2015 , Quantensprung became best stallion and Bronze medalist at the World Championships of the Young Horses in Verden. In 2016 , all seven aspiring stallions from his first year of foals presented at licensings were successful and received the licensing. Three of them were awarded premium in Verden and sold for highest prices. In 2017 , Quantensprung produced his son Q-Sieben a licensed stallion and a premium stallion in Neustadt Dosse, who was the most exspensive horse of the auction as well. In 2019 , three sons of Quantensprung were licensed in Verden, one of them was awarded premium. In 2020 , all eight sports horses by Quantensprung yielded an average price of 63,250 Euros at the Klosterhof auction. In 2021 , the first offspring are successful in advanced level dressage. His son Quelindo ranked fifth at the Ger man National Young Horse Championships. He was sold for 220,000 Euros at the auction in Medingen. In 2022 , his son Quanto Fino became with 220,000 Euros the most expensive horse at the Elite Auction at the Klosterhof. Querido and Quando Unico received the FRH award, while Quando Unico FRH and Tallulah Lynn Nater won the Swiss Junior Championship. In 2023, his son Blue Hors Quitana (breeder: Steffen Brunkhorst) becomes Danish U25 Champion with Sophia Ludvigsen.

v. Galoubet A v. Pandore du Thot v. Absatz v. Matador

Qredo de Paulstra Une Americane Akzent II SPS Schriokko

Quattro B

Hanoverian , dark chestnut, *2012, 16.3 hands, WFFS + Licensed f o r Hanover, Rhineland, Westphalia, Oldenburg, DSP, Denmark Breeder: Gabriele Berner, Bienenbüttel Owner: Antonius Böckmann & Klosterhof Medingen Stud fee: 1,500 € / Frozen 900 € (each add 7% VAT)


SPS Schickeria

Donnerwetter Ninette

v. Disput v. Markus


Donna Laura

Lauries Crusador xx SPS Juwel

v. Welsh Pageant xx v. Moltke I


C hampions made ...

Borsalino’s Fairytale by Borsalino–Fürstenball & Nina V. Braun Fifth in the small final of the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Ermelo 2023 Breeder: Ralf Borowczak

Blue Hors Quintana by Quantensprung–Desperados Became Danish U25 Champion 2023 with Sopia Ludvigsen Breeder: Steffen Brunkhorst

Bond Girl by Borsalino–De Niro & Emma Kanvera Qualified for the final of the Nürnberger Burg Pokal 2023 Breeder: Burkhard Wahler

Quartar by Quantensprung-Laurentio & Juan A. Jimenez Cobo Have competed for Spain at the CHIO in Aachen 2023 Breeder: Ralf Zierke

... by K losterhof !

Qence L by Quantensprung-Laudabilis & Katharina Schuster Fifth place at the German Championships of Young Riders in Munich 2023 Breeder: Limbecker GmbH & Co. KG

FS King Karl by Karajan–Diar Noir & Anika Kuhn Third place in the warm-up test at the Bundeschampionat for 5-year-old show jumpers Breeder: Josef & Christiane Wilbers

Kasparow by Karajan-Diacontinus & Antonia von Baath Fifth place at the final at the Bundeschampionat 2023 Breeder: Friedrich Thiesse

U Kiskadee CH by Karajan–Cassini I Approved in Avenches-Suisse Breeder: Annette & Hans-Peter Müller

S t . E milion OLD - a first class premium stallion !

The jet-black premium stallion of the 2021 Oldenburg licensing days, St. Emilion, impresses at first sight. Elegance, rhythm and impulsion combined with a pedigree that leaves nothing to be desired characterise this magnificent youngster. From the direct line of the stallions Rubin-Royal and Romanov Blue Hors, with De Niro twice in his pedi gree, this is a very special jewel. Sire Suarez, son of three-time World Champion Sezuan, was placed in the final of the World Championships for six year-old dressage horses. He came third in the 35-day test of the Danish Warmblood with 837.50 points. His dam Damandala is a full sister to the premium stallion Decurio and Desperada, dam of the licensed stallion Glock‘s Toto Jr. who won the Pavo Cup in 2015 and 2016. Her sire, Desperados, was highly successful in international dressage sport under Kristina Bröring-Sprehe and won team gold and individual bronze at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. On the dam‘s side, Dante Weltino speaks for himself with two European Championship team bronze medals, fourth place at the World Championships and participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo under Therese Nilshagen/SWE. His 26 licensed sons include the South German Champion Stallion Dante‘s Stern as well as numerous other premium stallions. With Atterupgaards Lady Hamilton he produced a champion mare in Denmark. His successful offspring up to Grand Prix level are led by the Louisdor Prize fifth Hanami OLD. His dam St.Pr.St.u.E.St. Rihanna is a full sister to Olympic participant St.Pr.A. Riwera de Hus OLD and a half-sister to show jumping Bundeschampion and Badenia win ner Lumos (by Lordanos). The granddam St.Pr.St. Tia-Romina is the dam of the licensed Don Chico and the Grand Prix horse Sweet Kiss. The stallions Blue Hors Rockefeller, De Royal and Rumicello also come from this line. In 2022, St. Emilion finishes the short performance test in Warendorf as second best with a final score of 8.62 and receives the individual marks Trot 8.8, canter 8.6, walk 8.6, rideability 8.5, willingness to perform 8.7. In 2023, St. Emilion becomes Oldenburg Vice-Champion, receives the OLD award from the Oldenburg Verband, is nominated for the Bundeschampionat and passes the sport test in Münster-Handorf with a final score of 8.59. His first year of foals is outstanding and tops the auctions at the Klosterhof with knock down prices of 50,000 Euros, 42,000 Euros and 30,000 Euros.

v. Rousseau v. Don Schufro v. De Niro v. Rotspon v. De Niro v. Welt Hit II v. Rosenkavalier v. Traumdeuter

Zack Don Romina Desperados SPS Regentin Danone I SPS/El. Rihanna Rubinstein I Ti Amo


Oldenburger , black, *2019, 16.3 hands Licensed for Oldenburg, Hanover, Westphalia, DSP Breeder: Nina Sixtensson, Köping-Schweden Owner: BG Klosterhof Medingen Stud fee: 1,200 € / Frozen 650 € (each add 7% VAT)



Dante Weltino

Tia Romina II

SPS Tia-Romina

T ake T hat - with best references !

Premium stallion Take That is a beautiful son of the exceptional Totilas. All three gaits are simply outstanding and this large framed chestnut steals your heart at first sight. Mother father Danciano started his career as Hanoverian premium stallion and performance test champion (8.48). With 8.91 points he received the second best score with emphasis on dressage, his trot was marked with the dream score of 10 points. Four years of age, he won the silver medal at the Hanoverian Championships in 2014. Danciano is trained up to advanced level. Danciano‘s offspring, DSP Danny Cool, participant at the World Championships in 2021, was National Young Horse Vice Champion and Southern German Champion of the five year old horses, after reaching the finals of the four year old hor ses the previous year. Daktari K won the bronze medal at the German National Championships in 2018. Danciano‘s father Dancier provides the valuable blood of De Niro for Take That‘s pedigree. Dancier was Hanoverian champion in 2004 and predominant overall and dressage champion of his stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 2005. He was awarded the Freiherr von Stenglin-Preis as well as the Burchard Müller-Preis for best stallion of his year in 2006. In 2014, Dancier received the renowned Grande Preis. Danciano‘s mother Rodney‘s Girl is full sister of licensed stallion Rood Vander, who is successful up to Intermediaire I with rider Martina Hannöver-Sternberg. The great dam line provided the stallions Wolkentanz I and II as well as Chasseur II, champion of his licensing and German National Young Horse Champion 1994 as well as further highly successful sports horses, among others in dressage Fidelio-B OLD by Fürst Heinrich (Charlotte Rummenigge), Special Edition by Sir Donnerhall, Ducati by Donatelli and the show jumper Wiener Domspatz who is internationally successful with rider Ludger Beerbaum. In 2022 , Take That was second best stallion at the short performance test in Verden. He received the highest score of 10.0 for his outstanding canter and finished the test with a final weighted score of 8.75. In 2023, Take That is successful in tests for young dressage horses and completes the sport test in Verden. From his first foal crop, he produced the reserve champion colt at the Klosterhof foal show (ZG Schulz, Trebel).

v. Enrico Caruso v. Ibikus v. Nimmerdor v. Akteur

Kostolany ES Gondola II Glendale Elsa Dancier Rodney‘s Girl


Hanoverian , chestnut, *2019, 16.2 hands Licensed for Hanover, Oldenburg, Westphalia Breeder: Josef Brinkemöller, Georgsmarienhütte Owner: BG Wahler & Hüffer Stud fee: 1,000 € / Frozen 600 € (each add 7% VAT)



v. De Niro v. Rotspon



Sandro Hit Wolkentänzerin

v. Sandro Song v. Weltmeyer

SPS Samanta Fox

C ordello - jumping genes of the extra class !

Cordello - a sensational sport horse combination with an excellent interior and impressive willingness to perform. Sire Cullinan Du Borget B impresses with his outstanding jumping qualities, which were rated 10 at his licensing. In 2019, he achieved a sensational series of successes in international youngster tours up to 5* level. In January 2020, Cullinan du Borget was awarded the Diamant Prize as the most successful 7-year-old stallion in the entire breeding area of the Ger man Sport Horse Society (DSP). He comes from the thoroughbred family 32, which also produced the important athlete and top sire Dollar du Murier (Eric Navet-FRA). His sire Diamant de Semilly produced three German licensing winners: Diarado (2007 Holstein), Dicapo (2011 OS) and Diamant de Quidam (2015 OS). The dam Ombre De Toscane is one of the best dam lines in France with the highest possible breeding score of 10/10. She has already produced two licensed sons, Tschouk De Toscane and Songe De Toscane under Denis Lynch. The dam‘s sire Quick Star delivered real „hussar rides“ with Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and won several Grand Prix. Laudanum xx in the third generation is probably the most influential thoroughbred in French warmblood breeding and was an Olympic participant and Nations Cup winner under Pierre Durand. Cordello‘s dam Negril comes from the Holstein line 1298, which is known as the „Lord line“ and produced top horses such as Livius (Peter Luther), L‘Eperon (Carsten Otto Nagel) and Pedro (Thomas Frühmann) alongside the stal lion of the century Lord by Ladykiller xx. With Plot Blue, Negril produced the licensed stallion Peppermint Blue, as well as Reppers Delight (Hauke Luther), who won advanced (S) level show jumping competitions, and is the granddam of Zacco rado Blue, who is internationally successful under David Will. Caretino and Carthago are the top sires of the Holsteiner breed on the dam‘s side. Caretino achieved victories and placings in international show jumping competitions under Bo Kristoffersen and later Ludger Beerbaum.Over 70 of his offspring have been licensed throughout Germany, including Casall ASK, who was one of the best show jumpers in the world under Rolf-Göran Bengtsson.The lifetime earnings of his offspring reached over six million euros in 2022 (FN).Carthago was successful twice at the Olympic Games under Jos Lansink and produced numerous sport horses, such as Cash (Marco Kutscher) and Classix Girl (Sören von Rönne). In 2023, Cordello passed his 50-day test in Neustadt-Dosse with a final score of 8.28, he received a 9.0 for his interior as well as 8.5 and 8.0 for jumping ability and manner.

Le Tot de Semilly Venis des Cresles Quick Star Fanny du Mrier

v. Grand Veneur v. Elf III v. Galoubet A v. Laudanum xx v. Cor de la Bryerev. v. Metellus

Diamant de Semilly

DSP , bay, *2020, 16.2 hands Licensed for DSP, Westphalia OS, Hanover Breeder: ZG Keitel-Tischer, Kirchdorf am Inn Owner: BG Wahler Stud fee: 900 € / Frozen 550 € (each add 7% VAT)

Cullinan du Borget

Ombre de Toscane

Caletto II Isidor


PS Negril

Carthago SPS Maiblume

v. Capitol I v. Ritter

Irma la Douce

E mperor - power and manner paired with type and elegance ! Emperor thrilled the audience with his appearance at the German Sports Horse licensing in Neustadt/Dosse in 2021. He outperformed the rest of his year with his fulminant strength and his excellent manner which earned him the victory as champion stallion. Emperor combines outstanding stallions in his pedigree: father Eldorado van de Zeshoek and Diarado x Calido on his mother‘s side.

The son of outstanding olympic stallion Clinton, Eldorado van de Zeshoek, with rider Willem Greve, was among the top Dutch horses and participated in several Nations Cups. Eldorado van de Zeshoek is on his way to become an exceptional stallion in breeding – he already has three KWPN licensed sons: Grandorado TN, Grodino and Highway M TN. Eldorado van de Zeshoek‘s dam Bijou Orai is successful with rider Olivier Perreau at 1.60 meter level. This Holstein dam line 2581 has provided many other international top horses. The mother‘s sire, Diara do is the son of legendary Diamant de Semilly, who won the team gold medal at the 2002 World Championship and the team silver medal at the 2003 European Championship and for years ranked among the worlds best jumping stallions according to WBFSH. Diarado himself ranks in the top of the worlds best breeding stallions for jumping (12th) as well as the worlds best breeding stallions for eventing (1st). His offspring is headed by Don Diarado (Maurice Tebbel), who placed third with his team at the World Equestrian Games and second at the German Championships. The overall amount of winnings of Diarado‘s offspring have reached over 2 million Euros. Among others, Emperor‘s mother line produced licensed and internationally successful show jumper DSP Cashmoaker by Calido (Denis Nielsen) as well as Django Unchained T by Diarado, who celebrates successes in international show jumping with rider Hans Günther Blum. In 2021 , Emperor finished an outstanding 14-day performance test with emphasis on jumping with an overall score of 9.13 points. In 2022 , Emperor passed his sports test with a weighted final score of 8.42 and was placed several times in classes for young show jumpers. His first years‘ progeny presents a highly desireable type. In 2023 , Emperor won and placed several times in tests for young show jumpers under Christoph Wahler and was a finalist at the Bundeschampionat for 5-year-old show jumpers.

Corrado I Urte I Toulon Ramourai

v. Cor de la Bryere v. Masetto v. Heartbreaker v. Calypso III v. Le Tot de Semilly v. Corrado I v. Cantus v. Caletto I v. Lear


DSP , dark bay, *2018, 16.2 hands Licensed for DSP, OS, Westphalia, Hanover Breeder: Frank Timmreck, Hohenberg-Krusemark Stud fee: 900 € / Frozen 550 € (each add 7% VAT)

Eldorado van de Zeshoek

Bijou Orai

Diamant de Semilly Roxette


SPS Depeche mode

Calido I Lagune 11165

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K arajan - a real genius !

In 2017 , Karajan finished his 14-day performance test with the overall score of 8.90 and a score of 9.28 in jumping. In 2018 , Karajan won several jumping horse classes at 1.10m and 1.20m. He finished the sports test in Verden with an overall score of 9.02 and the emphasis on jumping and a score of 9.5 for potential. Karajan‘s first year of foals impressed with above average movements, good type and harmonic frame. In 2019 , Karajan finished the second part of his sports test for licensed stallions with the overall score of 9.65 points as champion. He received 10 points for potential and overall impression. For rideability and canter he scored 9.80 points. Karajan won and placed in jumping horse tests up to medium level and qualified to the German Natio nal Young Horse Championships. In 2020 , Karajan won several 1.30m jumping competitions, the Hanoverian Jumping Championship in Verden with 9.2 points and he qualified to the German National Young Horse Championship again. His son Kataro by Karajan Perigueux (breeder: Otto Sölzer) was licensed in Verden. In 2021, Karajan is successful internationally in advanced level show jumping competitions with his new rider Marco Kutscher. At the Hanoverian licensing in Verden his son and former Medinger Auction foal, Karajan‘s Stern by Karajan-Canturano I (breeder: Wilhelm Bollhorst) get licensed. The son of Karajan-Diarado, bred by Karl-Heinz Krümmelbein, is licensed at the Mecklenburg licensing days. In 2022 , Karajan and Marco Kutscher finished third in the final of the Fundis Youngster Tour at the World Cup in Leipzig and were placed in numerous advanced (S) level show jumping competitions at international level. In 2021 and 2022, Karajan stayed clear in 33 consecutive rounds in international show jumping competitions. His daughter Laurena (Karajan-Casiro) was awarded best jumping mare of the year at the DSP. In 2023, Karajan and Marco Kutscher are consistently successful in jumping competitions up to 5*-level (1.55m). Six of his offspring qualified for the Bundeschampionat in show jumping and eventing this year. His son U Kiskadee CH (Karajan - Cassini) has been licensed in Switzerland.

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v. Furioso xx v. Gotthard v. Farn v. Le Mexico v. Jalisco B v. Landgraf I v. Clinton v. Lincolm L


Hanoverian , bay, *2014, 17.0 hands Licensed for Hanover, OS, Holstein, Westphalia, Rhineland, DSP Breeder: Werner Schultze, Langlingen Owner: Gestüt Fohlenhof & Klosterhof Medingen Stud fee: 1,000 € / Frozen 750 € (each add 7% VAT) Deviating breeding season until 15/07/2024



Cornet Obolensky Lotte Quidam de Revel Clarissa




K ataro - top bloodlines united !

With Kataro we present the first licensed son of Karajan. He is impressively framed, excellent stamp, with a beautiful face and the very best interior. His jumping abilities are formed by his father and give grounds for a successful career. Kataro has an excellently bred show jumper pedigree. His mother‘s side goes back to the line of Wald hexe, line 210, who is among the most successful lines of Oldenburg breeding. The mother‘s father Perigueux was highly successfull in international show jumping with rider Eva Bitter. He has already produced many successful sports horses, among others Prinz 1293, who is victorius in Grand Prix com petitions with rider Hans-Dieter Dreher. Through Grandmother state premium mare Starlight the outstanding blood of Sandro Song is brought into the pedigree, providing the sought after blood combination. In 2021 , Kataro finished his 14-day test in Adelheidsdorf as the winner of the test with a final score of 8.45, with focus on jumping. In 2022 , Kataro finished the sports test in Verden as the test winner with a final score of 9.09. Under Christian Temme Kataro was victorious five times in six show starts and became Vice Champion of Show Jumping Horses in Verden. In 2023 , Kataro placed under Christan Temme in novice and elementary class show jumping competi tions for young horses. His daughter Karamba (Kataro-Quintender, bred by Meyer GbR), the winning foal at the Klosterhof Foal Show, was sold for 10,000 Euros at the Klosterhof‘s autumn auction.

Voltaire Cemeta Verdi Challenge

v. Furioso II v. Nimmerdor


Hanoverian , bay, *2018, 17.0 hands Licensed for Hanover, OS Breeder: Otto Sölzer, Fritzlar Stud fee: 900 € / Frozen 550 € (each add 7% VAT)


v. Quidam de Revel v. Cornet Obolensky


Cervantes SPS Starlight Perpignon SPS Sensation

v. Pilot v. Stakkato



v. Calido I v. Sandro Song


P artner

At the Klosterhof Medingen you can order semen of all stallions presented by the following stud farms:

www.hengststation-schult.de info@hengststation-schult.de


Distributors in foreign countries: Our distributors you find on our webpage: www.klosterhof-medingen.de  stallions  sales partner

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F rozen semen

Abendtanz - 550 €

Caprimond - 800 €

Danone - 1.000 €

De Niro - 1.500 €

Escalito - 550 €

Flanell - 700 €

Terms and conditions (please ask our office for the detailed terms and conditions): • Frozen semen may only be used for artificial insemination. • The use of the semen for e.g. embryo transfer or ICSI may only take place with the prior written consent of Klosterhof Medingen. • For reasons of zootechnical law, frozen semen may only be distributed to recognised insemination centres, semen depots and veterinary clinics. • The passing on of frozen semen to third parties as well as the splitting of portions is prohibited. Only one breeding certificate shall be issued per portion sold. Violations will be prosecuted. • The insemination fee for frozen semen is due in any case, there is no entitlement to a credit note in case of non-pregnancy. • If a mare that has not been registered in advance was covered at the end of the season, the breeder must pay at least twice the full stud fee (200 %) as a contractual penalty, irrespective of fault. This regulation also applies to the embryo transfer procedure. Klosterhof Medingen shall furthermore be entitled to assert further claims for damages. • The container required for the transport shall be provided by the customer. In exceptional cases, a shipping container can be borrowed at additional costs.

Hohenstein - 800 €

Le Rouge - 500 €

(all prices add 7% VAT) Q-Sieben - 550 €

Further stallions on request. Please feel free to get in contact!

T he K losterhof concept : breeding , schooling ,

Stallion show At the end of January we present our renowned stallions and hopeful youngsters at our great stallion show. We present

the dressage and jumping stallions under the saddle according to their level of education in a variety program, successful breeders are honoured and a free covering is raffled off amongst all visitors. 2024, January 28 th Foal shows Twice a year the breeders are invited to the Klosterhof Foal Championships. The foal shows link breeding with marketing. During these events interested breeders can gather informati on about the breeding performances of the Klosterhof stallions. At the foal shows interested

buyers have the unique opportunity to choose their favourites from approximately 150 foals. At the same time, the foals get assessed for the auctions in Verden, Luhmühlen and at the Klosterhof. Additionally we host a breeders morning meet and greet in spring where the first foals of the year get assessed and breeders and horse lovers can meet and discuss.

2024, März 30th 2024, Mai 11th 2024, Juli 13th

Breeders morning pint

Foals show Foals show

Training Klosterhof Medingen is happy to assist you in all matters of breeding, schooling, preparation for licensing, promotion or sale of your horses. Please make an appointment – and after an evaluation of your horse we can discuss the further course of action.

sports and promotion , H and in H and !

Auction - Elite in Autumn The annual highlight at the Klosterhof is the autumn auction which offers ex clusive marketing opportunities for our breeders. Every year we auction off 25 elite riding horses and 35 top foals of the Klosterhof stallions which ma kes the “Elite in Autumn” to one of the biggest and important private auc tions for dressage horses and foals worldwide. Many renowned national and international dressage riders and foal rearers are regular customers at our auction and are finding here their very special horses. After winning at the auction, we continue to support with our extensive after sales services, assisting you with schooling and promoting of your horses. 2024, September 21 st Summer Edition We are looking forward to the third edition of our summer show in June 2024. With tests for young riding horses, Youngster and Amateur Cup, Bundeschampionat qualification and a Grand Prix Tour, we offer dressage tests for every level. As part of the show, we are once again planning the Summer Edition Foal Auction, where 10 elite foals will be auctioned off. 2024, June 20 th - 23 rd Medinger Auction Cup Embedded in the the Autumnal Elite Auction we host the Medingen Auction Cup. Former auction horses and offspring of Klosterhof stallions are presented by their riders in highly renumerate tests up to Grand Prix level. Highly successful dressage riders like Anabel Balkenhol, Fabienne Müller Lütkemeier and Andrea Timpe have been including this date in their schedule for years. 2024, September 18 th - 20 th

We look forward to hearing from you! • Order of semen and breeding advice from 08:00 am • Questions about livery mares from 04:00 pm

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D eckbedingungen T erms and C onditions of C overing

A breeder who has a mare covered accepts the following terms and conditions: 1. The covering conditions of the respective breeding associations apply in general. The covering season starts on February 1 st and ends on August 15 th . 2. Ordering of semen: We request your order by phone. To have semen deli vered on the next day, please call Monday to Friday by 10 am and on Saturdays by 9:30 am. We can only process your order if it includes: Reque sted stallion, name and complete address of the mare‘s owner, the breeding association to be notified, shipping address, name and address of the administering veteri narian, particulars of the mare: Name and life number, pedigree, age, colour and markings. Before the first insemination the breeder has to disclose if he intends to conduct an embryo transfer. Please note that the stud fee has to be paid for every flushed embryo . 3. The breeding certificates (Deckscheine) have to be submitted to the owner of the stallion at the beginning of the covering season. Without the breeding certificates, the covering can not be registered with the breeding associations. An additi onal service fee is charged if the breeding certificate is provided after the August 1 st . The stud fee has to be paid in advance of shipping. If the requested stallion is taking part in a tournament, deep frozen semen will be used. Please phone in for the special conditions for deep frozen sperm. Stallions, especially young stallions, who are cove ring for the first time, will be registered in the stal lion book 1 (Hengstbuch I) after they have com pleted and passed their stallion performance test.

Only afterwards the foals can be fully registered. If a stallion does not achieve the registration in the stallion book 1 (Hengstbuch I), the breeding associ ation can only issue a certificate of birth. The breeder bears the full risk. Please make an early reservation if the requested stal lion is highly in demand. There is no refund if a stallion drops out during the covering season. The paid stud fee can be credited against another stallions stud fee. 4. As approved EU-insemination-station, we send out fresh semen at your request. All prices for semen will be charge add 7% VAT or the valid tax rate of the respective breeder country. Shipping charges will be added separately. Shipments on weekends are possible after prior consultation, but the shipping charges will be higher. Please call in for more details. Shipping containers have to be sent back post paid; otherwise we have to charge for them. If the delivery of semen is delayed after due time, please notify us immediately. Otherwise we have to charge you for shipping. 5. With the delivery of the mare or the ordering of semen you accept our terms and conditions. The daily rate for accommodation of mares is 15 € add 7% VAT, for mares with foals 20 € add 7% VAT. When the mare is successfully seeded or the gestation has been asserted by a veterinarian, the day rate rises to 25 € add 7% VAT, respectively 30 € add 7% VAT for mares with foals. The accommodation is at the risk of the mares’ owner. It is agreed upon, that a veterinarian will be called at the mare owners’ expense if the stallion owner considers it necessary. All mares have to undergo cervical testing while in heat

and are required for mares that have refoaled, not picked up or have not foaled „normally“ in the previous season. Medical attendant is Dr. med. vet. Bernd Ekrod. 6. Additional special regulations: If your mare has not conceived or has resorbed, we will credit you half of the paid stud fee in the next season, provided you submit a veterinarian confirmation by December 1 st . This consideration is not possible, if your confirmation is late. If your mare has been covered first time after July 1 st and has not conceived or has resorbed, you will receive a free covering within the respective price range. Please note that your veterinarian confirmation has to be submitted by December 1 st as well. 7. The stallions owner is only liable for damages of the mares owner that have been caused deliberately or due to gross negligence by himself or a vicarious agent. This liability exclusion applies to damages occurring during the housing of the mare and damages occurring through the procedures of the covering. The stallions owner is not liable for damages caused by third parties. The mare‘s owner has to have a liability insurance to cover for the risks of owning and keeping a horse (Tierhalterhaftpflicht). He has to verify this insurance on demand. The stallions can be visited after advance notification. Please understand that on weekends we are only available between 10 am and noon. Payment details:

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K arajan & M arco K utscher at the G erman M asters in S tuttgart 2023

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